Bulletin for May 12, 2024

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Psalm 106

This week, we’re going to start learning a new psalm. Psalm 106 is the last psalm of Book 4, and the last of three “Hallelujah” psalms. Book 4 is all about the hope of the heavenly king (Jesus), and Psalms 104-106 end that theme with an explosion of praise.

Psalm 104 is praise to God for his creation, and 105-106 are praise to God for his redemption. Psalm 105 is about God’s faithfulness in redemption, but the unique contribution of Psalm 106 is that it’s about Israel’s unfaithfulness in redemption. This is key to understanding how redemption works. All we can offer to God is our own sin, but in spite of our failure, he is faithful.

Psalm 106 illustrates this by rehearsing several key events of the wilderness wanderings. As we study these wilderness wanderings over the next few weeks, we’ll be singing the portions of the Psalm that go with our sermon text. You may notice that some of the verses go with events in Numbers, so we won’t be singing those. In particular, we won’t sing verses 9-14 (vv. 24-43 according to the numbering in your Bible.) But it might be interesting to go back and study those for yourself.

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